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Your life just got a whole lot easier with Karga Construction.

We're a crew of professional builders, conveniently located in Dayton, Ohio, ready to take on your next home project! Whether you're needing a new roof, updated siding, or are ready to build your dream home, we'll be a team of patient and skilled workers who can get the job done.

Our history and what we do 


We are experts in roofing, siding, and renovations in Southwestern Ohio.

The right choice for quality home exterior improvements: roofing, siding, windows, doors, decks, and porches. We are an experienced home exterior renovation company. If you are looking for a company to trust your home or commercial property exterior with, call us for a free estimate. We all know beautifying your home is important to the look, feel good, and resale of your property, or welcoming friends and family. We strive to be a level above the competition work. Replacement of the roof, siding, windows, doors, or a simple paint job, can improve the structural stability of your home and protection from inclement weather. Our company works efficiently to finish the project on schedule and within budget, and we take pride in our quality craftsmanship. We bring meticulous attention to detail to each job and maintain open communication with the homeowner. We have more than 50 years of combined experience.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, especially when it comes to real estate. That's why the property exterior is one of the most important parts of the house giving potential tenants, buyers, and families, a good idea and a perfect impression of your property.

Our company works efficiently in order to finish the project on schedule and within budget, and we take pride in our quality craftsmanship. We bring meticulous attention to detail to each job and maintain open communication with homeowners. 

About Us


What we can do for you.

Modern House


We can build or restore a strong, beautiful, and durable outdoor space that can transform your exterior living space and enhance the style of your property or home. We can build a new deck or porch, restore an existing one and make it look new. A solid patio or front home cover adds value to your home and you can avoid high temperatures in summer and still enjoy the outdoors. When you are considering building a porch or patio cover for your backyard or front entrance, you may consider what material to use. The most common materials are wood, vinyl, and aluminum. Once you determine the material, you need to consider the durability of the material compared to our harsh weather in Ohio. We recommend wood patio or front covers since they are easy to work with, and offer a solid value for your budget. Wood patio covers are easy to replace if a damaged area is found without compromising your entire structure. Wood patio covers will stand for decades if properly maintained. You may choose from the curved eave and straight eave styles, garden or gable styles, two-story or front porches custom made, free-standing, or attached to the house.

House with Lawn


If you are thinking of replacing your home roof, or just one to know the condition of your roof, contact us to come and give you a free assessment of your property. A roof protects your valuables and your family from inclement weather, repair, and maintenance are essential to keep your family and assets safe. For your convenience, we use plywood and tarps to protect your property. Our first step is to locate sensitive areas to protect. You can go about your day worry-free. You will know everything is protected; flowers, plants, lawns, walkways, walls, decks, windows, pools, and even toys and grills in your yard. We use dump trailers for waste collection thought-out the day, so there is no messy clean-up and no driveway damage. At the end of the day, we move the trailers out of sight.


Types of Roofing Materials

Cedar shakes

Slate & Tile

Metal shingles & standing seam

Flat roofs

Sheeting & framing repair

Skylights and vents installation

Wooden House


Windows and door replacement are one of the smartest home improvement decisions you can make, savings on energy costs and improving the look of your home, feel good for you and your family, and resale of your home. Considering windows and doors replacement? Vinyl windows and doors are an excellent choice. They will never rot or require endless repainting and they come in many styles, shapes, features, and glass packages. Custom windows and doors of wood and aluminum may also fit your needs, depending on if you want your house to have a more traditional or modern architectural look. Karga Construction's professional team can assist and help you in choosing and installing new windows and doors. We have the skills, knowledge, and experience to handle all types of issues that may arise.

Housing Development


The siding of your home protects the framework of your house, which in turn keeps your home or commercial property standing. New siding will improve your curb appeal, increase the value of your home and protect its interior. Contact us immediately if your siding is severely damaged and needs to be replaced. Material selection: The next step is finding the right exterior materials that will bring life into your project.

Our professionals are ready to help you through the process of selecting the right materials for you. We also offer repair, maintenance, and replacement services as well.


Types of siding

Fiber cement siding: Sheet form, Lap siding, and stucco or brick fiber cement siding.


Vinyl siding: horizontal and vertical panel, traditional lap, Dutch lap, Shake, and Scallop. 


Wood siding: Pine, Spruce, Redwood, Cedar, and Cypress.

Interior Design
Residential Services
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